Tarot and Divination

Tarot Insights (Tarot 101) – Includes the basics of deck constructions, consideration of symbolism, general numerology, colors, figure positioning, Tarot myths and ethics, tips for connecting with your Tarot deck, and an introduction to Tarot spreads.

Tarot for Writers– An advanced class that teaches writers to use the Tarot to overcome writer’s block, plot scenes, and flesh out primary character development.

Intermediate Tarot – Builds on the previous class to include deeper discussion of card interaction, reading the cards, detailed interpretations, higher level spreads, exercises for connecting to Higher Self for reading, and other “next level” Tarot tips.

Non-Tarot Divination – A study of playing card divination, dominoes, dice, runes, oracles, pendulum work, and other forms of divination not related to Tarot.