General Magic and Ritualized Spirituality

Wicca 101 – First Level Studies – A 6 class series that explores the basics of information needed for most first level students with a focus on “service to the self” (caring for yourself magically).

Wicca 102 – Second Level Studies – A 3 class series that explores the dynamics of “service to others,” including how to create rituals and spiritual experiences for other people, basic counseling techniques, and group dynamics.

Wiccan Words –Study of the common words and phrases in Wicca

Basic Circle Protocols – How to be a good circle guest

Protocols of Invocation – The Quarters/God and Goddess

The Ethical Brainstorm – A lively, interactive discussion of circle ethics

How to Form a Magical Working Group

Magical Herbs and Stones – Their properties and uses

Color Magic – The magical uses of different color vibrations

Weather Magic – How to call in weather events and use existing weather conditions to your magical advantage

The Use of Sound and Silence in Magic

Meditation for Magic

Gestalt Meditation – Higher level meditation for experiences meditators

Magic of Food – A study of the energy we instill into the food we prepare, eat, and serve

The Spiral of the Year – The 8 Sabbats (can be one class on all 8 holidays or one class on each individual holiday just before the holiday occurs)

Simple Spells – Several effective, hands-on, active first level spells.

The Thrifty Witch – Magic on a shoestring

Our Magical Body – The chakras, meridians, and the language of our bodies

The Sacred Space – The magical home, altars, and circle areas

The Art of Public Ritual – How to have a fabulous public ceremony, common pitfalls to avoid

Days and Times of Power – The use of astrology and the ancient agricultural calendar in magic

Magical Ethics – Avoiding the karmic backlash trap

Hexing and Protection of the Self and Home – The fundamentals of hexing and cursing, plus how to keep your home clean and safe, dealing with “psychic attack,” and basic energy cleansing and protection

The Art of Ritual Construction – How to create a fabulous ritual from start to finish

Properties of Energy Magic – What speeds energy up and what slows energy down

Rites of Passage – Several common rites of passages are explored with ideas of how to celebrate

Reuniting the Two Selves – Connecting the higher self and conscious self for stronger magical work

The Magic of Soap Making

The Magic of Candle Making

The Four Elements in Depth