New Brujeria Class Series – October 7th

The new Brujeria class begins October 7th in both online and in-person formats. Students may apply to take only the online class series or the in-person series. Both online and in-person students participate in the private Facebook study group together.

In-person classes meet at LightWeavers in Citrus Heights the first Sunday of each month from 10am until noon. This is a 12-month series and I ask that students commit to the entire course of study. For the first class, please have a notebook, pen, and a folder (to hold your handouts).

These are intensive, interactive classes that span a year of instruction for a total of twelve classes. Students receive the same instruction as Katrina’s own apprentices.

Online class material releases on the 1st Sunday of each month. This includes video instruction, a study pack to complete before the next month’s class begins, and access to a private Facebook study group. The study group is closed to anyone not taking the classes and is where the primary class interaction takes place. Here, Katrina answers questions, posts informative videos and articles, and leads discussions pertinent to that month’s class material. Students are encouraged to interact on the study group page, but are welcome to lurk and learn.

Please do not sign up for this class unless you are willing to take the process seriously and engage on a motivated and energetic level.

The fee for each class is $25 per month and is due before the new material for that month releases. Students are asked to commit to a full year of classes to provide continuity to the class environment. Once the first month of class completes, the class closes and no further students may be added.

Do not pay for your first month of class until you receive a message or email saying that your application is accepted. At that time, Katrina will send you a link to use to pay for your class through PayPal. You may pay month-to-month or you may set up a subscription to have your class fee automatically deducted each month.

Not everyone is selected for this class. Katrina will evaluate your application carefully and accept only those students who will be a good addition to the class dynamic. Please do not let this intimidate you. She accepts students from all cultures, ages, and levels of experience. You may be just the student the class needs.

To fully participate in this class, it is essential that students overcome discomfort with Christian theology and accept working with Catholic saints and holy figures. (You do not have to engage philosophies of the Catholic Church, but some aspects of Brujería involve a working relationship with both folk and Church-recognized saints, as well as scriptures, and students should prepare to engage that energy.)

This is not Witchcraft from a Wiccan perspective, but from the organic, pre-Wiccan foundation established in Meso-America and Mexico with some HooDoo influences from systems based on African Traditional Religions with some occasional Haitian influences. This is also not a Curanderismo class, although there are several overlapping modalities and influences since the practices are, when it comes to it, very similar in nature.

To read Frequently Asked Questions and the responses to those questions, click here.

If you have questions about this class, please contact Katrina directly at or message through Facebook (KatrinaMRasbold).