August 4 – Brujeria: The Sacred Arts

Katrina will begin a series of Brujeria classes on August 4, 2018. These are intensive, interactive study classes. Those who take the classes are considered Katrina’s personal students and are expected to commit to a course of study that requires dedication and focus. Student’s receive the same instruction as Katrina’s own apprentices.

These classes meet the first Saturday of each month, however, classes on the subject matter covered in each class will also be available in video format for those unable to commute to the classes.

The fee for each class is $25.

All students regularly attending class are eligible to join an online, focused study group covering information pertaining to the class material. It is through this study group that Katrina will answer all questions pertaining to the subject matter between classes. This will take the form of a private Facebook group. It is closed to anyone not taking the classes.

Each month, participants will have homework to complete before the next class. The class involves an intensive study pack and hands-on training in all aspects of Brujería and Witchcraft.

Please do not sign up for this class unless you are willing to take the process seriously and engage on a motivated and energetic level.

You may pay for the class using your PayPal account or credit card by clicking on the button below. This is for (1) class.

You may also pay in cash to Katrina at the class itself.

This class is limited to 15 face-to-face classroom students. Online students are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

To fully participate in this class, it is essential that students overcome discomfort with Christian theology and accept working with Catholic saints and holy figures. (You do not have to engage philosophies of the Catholic Church, but some aspects of Brujería involve a working relationship with both folk and Church-recognized saints and students should prepare to engage that energy.)

This is not Witchcraft from a Wiccan perspective, but from the organic, pre-Wiccan foundation established in Meso-America and Mexico with some HooDoo influences from systems based on Traditional African Religions with some occasional Haitian influences.

If you have questions about this class, please contact Katrina directly at or message through Facebook.


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