Brujería Class FAQ

Since the announcement that Katrina is starting a new class series on Brujería, several of you have asked questions, so we are putting those in an FAQ format for everyone’s benefit. Katrina answers your questions here:

Why is the class size so limited?

This is an interactive, hands-on training class that is intensive and sometimes one-on-one training in the art of Brujería (organic, authentic, Mexican conjure magic). This type of study is most effective within smaller groups.

Can I take the class online instead of in-person?

Yes! I offer this class in both in-person and exclusively online formats. Either format is $25 per month. Online students get the same training, but do not have the benefit of personal demonstrations and instead, must watch videos to learn the processes.

For class #2 on Cleansings and Clearings, I recommend that if at all possible, online students join us for the in-person class since it is highly beneficial to take this class in person.

Can anyone take the class?

I treat the students of this class as my own personal magical students. For those of you versed in magical practice, you know that there is a major difference in giving a lecture that someone attends and accepting that person as your personal student. Each of the students is trained in the same way I train my apprentices who work with me side-by-side.

For this reason, I will consider each application carefully and then select the applicants who I feel are a good fit. I recommend that anyone who is interested in the training apply. Do not presume that I would or would not choose someone.

Are there pre-requisites for this class?

Yes and no. Students are not required to have any certain level of training before taking the class. They must, however, be receptive to a few concepts that are different from most magical training.

First of all, Brujería is not a Pagan practice. Pagans make great Brujas/Brujos and I am myself a Pagan, however, Brujería itself is built around Catholicism. It is essential that all students who take this class purge any resistance they have to working with the Catholic saints, Jesus, the Blessed Mother, etc. Some Pagans, for their own personal reasons, are hostile toward any mention of Christianized religion. That is not something that will play in this class. Students must be open to ALL expressions of the Divine, including the ones mentioned here.

Secondly, Brujería does not follow Wiccan concepts and ethics such as three-fold law, the Wiccan Rede, etc. Some shifts in perspective may be needed to work within a Brujería construct if the student is accustomed to a strong ethical framework.

What is this about video classes? Are you recording the actual class?

I will offer a video companion class that covers the material for each class. This is for the benefit of people who wish to take the course but are not within commuting distance of LightWeavers or for ongoing students who have to miss a class. I am not recording the actual class. I will make a video that covers the material we address.

How long is the class series and how often do you meet?

At this time, I anticipate a one year cycle of training. Classes are once a month.

Do we get a certification?

Brujería is not a degreed or certified process. In fact, there is no initiation, no “diploma,” and no graduation. It is a shared learning process that presents as an apprenticeship. You learn processes and techniques within the scope of Brujería practice and then take them out into the world.

What will we learn?

Some of what I teach is proprietary and oathbound material. Each student must sign a non-disclosure, confidentiality agreement that is binding in order to participate in the class. Specific points on the curriculum include:

  • How to access certain natural energies essential to effective Brujería practice
  • Cleansing and healing techniques, including low-level exorcisms
  • History of Brujería and how it presents today
  • Cultural influences around Brujería
  • Reprisal magics
  • Basic Witchcraft information and techniques
  • Poppet and proxy work
  • Weather influences
  • Herbal, resin, flower, and wood influences
  • Incense making
  • Power grid creation
  • Crystal work
  • Magical dirts and powders
  • Magical washes and waters
  • Personal disciplinary techniques
  • Jar and bottle work
  • Energy movement, manipulation, and focus techniques
  • Manifestation processes
  • Elemental affiliations
  • Saints and other Divine figures

Are the classes “stand-alone” or interconnected?

Each class builds on the knowledge gained in the previous classes, so they are to be completed sequentially.

You said there is “homework?”

Each student is expected to complete written research and experiential work provided at each class and to bring that completed work to the next class. Part of the class involves reviewing information in the homework.

Tell me about the online study group?

I will create a private Facebook group that is only for my students. Within this study group, students may share information and discuss the homework assignments, class content, and other learning experiences they have while taking the classes. It is within this Facebook group that I will address questions about the class content so that all students may benefit from the discussion. If you do not have a Facebook profile, please create one before class starts so that you may participate in this aspect of training.

The online study group is thet hub of information for the students who are exclusively online students with no in-person interaction. The students who are exclusively online share a study group with the in-person students who are working on the same class schedule.

If I complete the entire year-long course, can I roll over into the next set of classes and take it again?

At the end of one year, I will offer the classes up again and current students are welcome to apply.

Are your every-other-Friday classes you teach with Eric going away?

No, our free every-other-Friday classes at LightWeavers are still scheduled and ongoing.

Do the Saturday afternoon Brujería classes ever overlap with the Friday classes?

Yes. Because Brujería classes are once a month and the Friday classes are every other week, there are a few months where they are during the same weekend. This is unavoidable. I have faith we can go full tilt magic for 2 days and I am confident we can enjoy the full magical immersion this creates.

Why do these classes have a fee and your Friday classes do not?

Historically, Eric and I have usually charged a fee for our classes to cover expenses such as gasoline, handouts, and materials. The exception is festival-based classes, which are always free. When we began teaching at LightWeavers, Susan asked us to offer the classes at no cost and we agreed to do so. The Brujería classes are resource, energy, and time intensive and as such, we needed to charge a fee for them.

Is the fee refundable if I miss the class?

No, the fee is not refundable, but you may use it to apply to the video companion class that gives you the same information or you may apply it to a future class.

Do you take checks for the class fee?

No. Class fees must be paid in cash before the class begins or through PayPal by credit card or PayPal account.

Do I have to register for the class?

Yes. Because space is limited and applications are vetted, you must apply and then be accepted for class. The application is here: