Personal Sovereignty & Manifesting Abundance

Women’s Temple – The Red Tent – Women learning to lose inhibitions and support one another (not sexual). Learning how to be better friends, better people, and better channels for the Goddess on earth.

Goddess Study Oracle – An in-depth retrieval process of our inner Goddess and sovereignty using the Goddess Oracle cards and the Goddess Amulets.  Focuses on claiming and healing lost parts of ourselves that prevent us from moving forward into a life of abundance, wellness, and wholeness.

Women’s Wisdom – Studies the place of women in society and how to find our own voice and strength in our lives. Focuses on trusting our inner wisdom and establishing sovereignty in day-to-day life.

Reuniting the Two Selves – Focuses on connecting the Higher Self and Conscious Self to align with your manifest destiny and create the life you want to live.

Taking Back Your Power Eggs – How to take control of your own life and create the life you want to live. Focuses on learning where your energy goes, reclaiming lost power, and establishing boundaries.

Magic for Abundance and Prosperity – Ways to draw financial and personal abundance to your life

Creating the Love You Want – Ways to understand and manifest the love you want in your life and in your interpersonal relationships.

The Sacred Space – Learning how to turn your home into a sacred refuge that supports your highest energy vibration, allowing for restful, restorative sleep and the manifestation of an abundant life.

Meditation for Abundance and Sovereignty – An in-depth exploration of meditation, including how to meditate effectively, how to use Gestalt meditation to connect with others, and how to use your energy to manifest abundance and other life goals while meditating.