About Us

Sovereignty Workshops is the production of authors, Katrina and Eric Rasbold.

They have written over thirty books on various aspects of magic and worked in the magical arts for a combined sixty years.

They are the authors of the popular book Energy Magic, which introduced the term “bio-universal energy,” the combination of personal and Divine energy to manifest a desired outcome. Katrina’s book Crossroads of Conjure: The Roots and Practices of Hoodoo, Granny Magic, Brujería, and Curanderismo is due to release through Llewellyn Worldwide Publishers in January 2019.

The Rasbolds are the creators of the CUSP (Climbing Up the Spiral Pathway) magical tradition, now practiced worldwide.

They are founding members of the PanGaia Festival in Sacramento, California and the non-profit organization of which they are board members, North Western Circles Association. They are known for their lectures and presentations at PanGaia Festival, Sacramento Pagan Pride, and Pantheacon in San Jose, California.

Eric and Katrina teach free and paid classes at their shop in Shingle Springs, CA, Crossroads, at 4045 Sunset Lane, Shingle Springs, Ca. For more information, go to www.crossroadsoccult.com.

For more information, please contact Katrina & Eric at rasbolds@sovereigntyworkshops.com.